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Birth Partner Massage Skills Training Testimonials

"Being a birth partner is not something one expects to experience, but I was lucky enough to be there when my Godson was born after 27 long hours of labour!  Thank goodness Daddy and I had had some coaching from Kellie beforehand otherwise we would have felt totally useless at times!  Kellie was able to teach us some simple and easy to remember massage techniques to help both during contractions and for relaxation in-between. We also added the use of palm stones at times, which worked beautifully. Kellie's gentle and clear direction helped us practise techniques and ask questions about the birth. Her visualisations were also helpful to keep in mind during the more challenging parts of the labour.  I fully recommend getting Kellie on board to support with a natural birth – she is marvellous!"

(Rozz, Massage Skills Training for Birth Partners)



Having seen Kellie for pregnancy massage throughout my pregnancy, me and my husband visited Kellie for Massage Skills Training for Birth Partners for use during my pregnancy and labour. Although we did not get to use the techniques during labour due to my caesarean, Danny used the massage strokes during the remainder of my pregnancy which helped greatly with my backache in-between my sessions with Kellie."

(Angela, Pregnancy Massage/Massage Skills Training for Birth Partners)

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