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Reiki Testimonials

(Reiki is incorporated in to all massage sessions)

"I think I was one of the first clients that attended sessions with Kellie from bump to baby as her logo suggests! Throughout my pregnancy I received Pregnancy Massage and Reiki – it was invaluable!

Kellie eased my fears about pregnancy as and when they arose, reassuring me that what I was experiencing was normal or by tackling my fears with discussion during the consultations and then with Reiki during the massage. I not only felt calmer about my situation but the baby seemed to respond well too - we both looked forward to the sessions!

I would strongly recommend to anyone that Pregnancy Massage/Reiki from Kellie will not only assist with your ever changing body, but will mentally calm and equip you for the big day! I don't know how I would have coped without Kellie's treatments/sessions which seemed to help physically, mentally and spiritually.

Both me and my baby are happy and healthy and still enjoying massage ten months on!

(Tracie, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki/Birth Partner Massage/Infant Massage)



"I have benefited a great deal from the Pregnancy Massage and Reiki treatments both emotionally and physically.

I particularly enjoyed the sense of calmness, relaxation and release of tension and would definitely recommend Pregnancy Massage with Reiki to others for the health benefits and for the sense of peace and wellbeing experienced during and after treatments.

Kellie is a highly professional therapist, always sensitive to client's needs, instils confidence and helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable offering sound knowledge and advice. Kellie gave me a clear explanation of what the treatment involved, thorough aftercare advice and ongoing support.

I had been really worried about my impending labour due to my previous labour experience when I had my first child in hospital aided by an epidural. Through Reiki and discussions throughout my treatments I was able to enter my second labour in a positive way which resulted in me having a wonderful drug free home birth – completely different from my previous hospital experience.

Kellie's treatments helped me to have a relaxed, problem-free pregnancy, alleviating symptoms, niggles and aches and pains enabling me to enjoy and fully appreciate the joys of being pregnant.


Following some of the early treatments, I experienced emotional releases and was often tearful. Knowing that I was releasing the emotions held in my body from my first labour made it all worthwhile. This enabled me to have a wonderful second labour in a completely positive state of mind free from the fears of my previous experience. The gift I received from the treatments is a lifetime's memory of a truly wonderful birthing experience."

(Alison, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki)

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