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Pregnancy Massage Testimonials

“My first treatment with Kellie was fantastic and it was an experience I will never forget because during the massage, I felt my baby move for the first time!  I have had regular massages in the past, but as this is my first pregnancy, a pregnancy specific massage was new to me and I was not sure what to expect.  However, Kellie's combination of pregnancy specific massage strokes and Reiki techniques were so relaxing that I felt incredibly peaceful and tuned into my baby's movements.  At the end of the session I felt wonderful – and it was comforting to know that my baby had enjoyed the experience as much as I had!"


(Sam, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki)


"I have benefited a great deal from the pregnancy massage treatments both emotionally and physically.

For me the benefits have been relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, general muscle aches and pains, night cramps, improved digestion, time out to relax and continued support and advice.

I particularly enjoyed the sense of calmness, relaxation and release of tension and would definitely recommend pregnancy massage to others for the health benefits and for the sense of peace and wellbeing experienced during and after treatments.

Kellie is a highly professional therapist, always sensitive to  her client's needs, instils confidence and helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable offering sound knowledge and advice. Kellie gave me a clear explanation of what the treatment involved, thorough aftercare advice and ongoing support.

I had been really worried about my impending labour due to my previous labour experience when I had my first child in hospital aided by an epidural. Through Reiki and discussions throughout my treatments I was able to enter my second labour in a positive way which resulted in me having a wonderful drug free home birth – completely different from my previous hospital experience.

Kellie's treatments helped me to have a relaxed, problem-free pregnancy, alleviating symptoms, niggles and aches and pains enabling me to enjoy and fully appreciate the joys of being pregnant.

Following some of the early treatments, I experienced emotional releases and was often tearful. Knowing that I was releasing the emotions held in my body from my first labour 7 years previously, made it all worthwhile. This enabled me to have a wonderful second labour in a completely positive state of mind - free from the fears of my previous experience. The gift I received from the treatments is a lifetime's memory of a truly wonderful birthing experience."

(Alison, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki)


"Before I had met Kellie I had only had a couple of massages (prior to becoming pregnant) during which I found I could not totally relax, so I was not sure how I would feel during Kellie's treatments.

Kellie was very professional and explained everything that would happen during the treatment. The position that I was in on the couch was very comfortable and I felt safe that it would not harm my baby. The first treatment took me a little while to relax into but once I was relaxed the massage felt very good. Also, the music that she played helped me to get into the massage. By the second and third treatments I was totally relaxed and I could feel all the tension in my muscles going - I even fell asleep which is something I didn't think I would ever do during a massage! When the treatments had finished I felt totally calm and even my baby was calm. Before I went to bed I would rub my belly the same as Kellie did and this really calmed my baby which gave me a good night's sleep.

I have now had my baby and I do feel that having these treatments helped me so much to have a good labour. I would recommend any pregnant ladies to have this treatment. I was so pleased that I had the chance to have the treatments during my pregnancy."

(Angela, Pregnancy Massage)


"I have really benefited from this experience, one I have not had before. My sleep patterns and general wellbeing varied throughout the treatments. With the use of the oil during the massages it was also good for stretch marks! I had been experiencing muscle tightness and cramp in various areas and again, the massage really helped improve this. This also seemed to lapse as the sessions progressed.

Other benefits also included muscle tone, learning to relax and a positive change in sleep patterns.

The things I most enjoyed about the treatments were being pampered and relaxing! I think the baby enjoyed the treatments too! By the fourth treatment I was learning to relax more which is obviously beneficial to both me and my baby.

I found the position on the couch very comfortable and the couch itself was great in terms of support. I would definitely recommend pregnancy massage to others. All my pregnant friends were very envious, including my midwife!

Kellie seems to and continues to be a dedicated professional in this field and I would have no hesitation in supporting her with future projects. She carries herself and her work to the highest standard and will be a great asset, whether working alone or to any professional practice."

(Jackie, Pregnancy Massage)


"My pregnancy was going well until my seventh month when I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The pain in my wrists and arms was unbearable and kept me awake at night. Kellie reassured me that having a pregnancy massage, together with some tips to try at home, could ease the pain. At my first appointment Kellie made me feel at ease instantly. The position of the massage was comfortable and I relaxed immediately. Not only was the pain from the Carpal Tunnel reduced but I always slept well following a treatment too. I continued my massages once a week which helped to control the pain. Having my own business meant that I didn't have much time to think about being pregnant and so the massage sessions were also a great opportunity for me to relax and bond with my baby. My son, Arthur, arrived two days after my last massage. We then went on to attend Kellie's infant massage classes which we both still benefit from today.

I would highly recommend pregnancy massage for any mum-to-be and the infant massage classes thereafter. I send all my thanks to Kellie."

(Michelle, Pregnancy Massage and Infant Massage)


"Before seeing Kellie I was feeling extremely stressed and wasn't really enjoying my pregnancy as much as I had hoped. I had various aches and pains, swollen ankles, I was worried about the impending birth and was suffering really badly with my back aching. To add to this my house purchase constantly had problems and the moving date was getting closer and closer to the baby arriving. This was all affecting my sleep so more than anything I was feeling totally exhausted.

During the massage I would have instant relief from my backache and afterwards I would be pain free for a day or two – which was well worth it. I would sleep through most of the treatment after drifting off to the relaxing music and after one or two treatments the swelling in my ankles reduced. More than anything though it was the only time I got for relaxation and to think about me and my baby each week. The end result was that I was more relaxed and far less stressed. By the time I was informed that my baby was breach and that I would have to deliver via caesarean section I was relaxed enough to deal with this news.

I would definitely recommend pregnancy massage to anyone who is pregnant whether to ease ailments or whether for just wellbeing, relaxation and prevention. Pregnancy massage should be available on the NHS to all mums-to-be on a daily basis!

Me and my partner also visited Kellie for Birth Partner Massage training for use during my pregnancy and labour. Although we did not get to use the techniques during labour due to my caesarean, Danny used the massage strokes during the remainder of my pregnancy which helped greatly with my backache in-between my sessions with Kellie.


I was excited to return to Bump 2 Baby Massage in 2011 and 2013 and have Kellie support me through two further pregnancies."


(Angela, Pregnancy Massage/Massage Skills Training for Birth Partners)


"I think I was one of the first clients that attended sessions with Kellie from bump through to baby as her company name suggests! Throughout my pregnancy I received pregnancy massage and Reiki – it was invaluable!

As well as feeling the physical benefits which eased my backache and heavy legs, the sessions also helped me to sleep. As my pregnancy progressed and my bump became bigger I struggled to find a comfortable position in bed each night and to breath due to all the mucus I was producing. The massage gave me relief from the mucus and relaxed the tight muscles in-between my ribs which in turn enabled me to sleep. Kellie eased my fears about my pregnancy as and when they arose, reassuring me that what I was experiencing was normal or by tackling my fears with discussion during the consultations and then with Reiki during the massage. I not only felt calmer about my situation but the baby seemed to respond well too - we both looked forward to the sessions!

I had two birthing partners who attended a session with Kellie to learn how to massage me during labour, this too proved invaluable on the day. I would strongly recommend to anyone that Pregnancy Massage/Reiki at Bump 2 Baby Massage will not only assist with your ever changing body, but will mentally calm and equip you for the big day! I don't know how I would have coped without Kellie's treatments/sessions which seemed to help me physically, mentally and spiritually. Both me and my baby are happy and healthy and we are still enjoying massage together ten months on!"

(Tracie, Pregnancy Massage/Reiki/Massage Skills Training for Birth Partners/Infant Massage)


"I first met Kellie when I was pregnant with my third child over four years ago. She has been absolutely amazing during my pregnancy -  reassuring, friendly and knowledgeable. I have been unlucky with my midwives (I left appointments crying on several occasions) and Kellie was just there at the right time with the right advice and such relaxing and healing massages to remember my pregnancy as happy times. My birth experience, thanks to Kellie, turned into a memory, which I will treasure forever. I booked an appointment with Kellie the day before I gave birth and it left me very calm, chilled and, on top of things, in a positive mood. My ‘oversized’ son Benjamin (4kg) was water born without any complications.

Kellie’s postnatal help was and is to this date also invaluable. I suffered with migraines and bad posture.  Four years on, with regular appointments, my shoulders are back in the right position.  Kellie identified this as one of the reasons for my migraines and her massages keep me not only relaxed, but also energised for my three energetic children!

Kellie is always mindful about medical history and any issues one might experience during/post pregnancy and explains with ease how our bodies work and how it could be improved. She always gave me invaluable advice and is someone in my life I am always looking forward to seeing again.

Kellie is a wonderful person, a professional who takes pride in her work, she loves what she does and she does it overly well!"

(Eva, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage)

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