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A therapeutic and tailored treatment for mums-to-be. Pregnancy Massage can alleviate, or in many cases eliminate, many common symptoms during pregnancy such as heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, increased mucus, swelling/oedema, shortness of breath, backache, anxiety, tiredness, cramp and much more.  


Pregnancy Massage can also help to prevent stretch marks, relieve stress, produce emotional releases connected to past birth experiences and assists in bonding between mother and baby. 


Mums-to-be can have a Pregnancy Massage treatment any time after their 12 week check and right up until baby arrives - even if you are overdue.  If you are overdue,  the treatment will be adjusted to include reflex point work to try and encourage baby's arrival.


This is a full or upper body massage (with optional "bump" massage) which takes place in a side-lying position.


Treatments take 60 minutes for an upper body massage and 90 minutes for a full body massage.  A free 30 minute consultation is included with your first session.


Permission from a midwife or doctor should be obtained prior to attending the first appointment - verbal permission over the telephone is sufficient.


Reiki is incorporated in to all treatments to ensure that each session treats mother and baby's minds, bodies and souls.


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