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Postnatal Massage Testimonials

"I can highly recommend Kellie and Bump 2 Baby Massage, you will not be disappointed!

I first used Bump 2 Baby Massage to do a baby massage course with my eldest son and not only was it a great bonding experience for my son and I, but I made some wonderful new mum friends that I am still in touch with today! Kellie is a great teacher and full of really useful tips. I got so much out of the course, I even did another when my daughter was born as a refresher and to get out of the house and spend a lovely time with other mums and babies. Since my son, I have been going to Kellie for postnatal massages and then pregnancy massages with my second pregnancy. I wish I had discovered them sooner. I am over a year postnatal now but still try and get an appointment as often as I can, even though I have moved out of the area, because I find the massage very relaxing and a real treat plus Kellie is lovely too!"

(Shelima, Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage and Baby Massage)


"I first met Kellie when I was pregnant with my third child over four years ago. She has been absolutely amazing during my pregnancy -  reassuring, friendly and knowledgeable. I have been unlucky with my midwives (I left appointments crying on several occasions) and Kellie was just there at the right time with the right advice and such relaxing and healing massages to remember my pregnancy as happy times. My birth experience, thanks to Kellie, turned into a memory, which I will treasure forever. I booked an appointment with Kellie the day before I gave birth and it left me very calm, chilled and, on top of things, in a positive mood. My ‘oversized’ son Benjamin (4kg) was water born without any complications.

Kellie’s postnatal help was and is to this date also invaluable. I suffered with migraines and bad posture.  Four years on, with regular appointments, my shoulders are back in the right position.  Kellie identified this as one of the reasons for my migraines and her massages keep me not only relaxed, but also energised for my three energetic children!

Kellie is always mindful about medical history and any issues one might experience during/post pregnancy and explains with ease how our bodies work and how it could be improved. She always gave me invaluable advice and is someone in my life I am always looking forward to seeing again.

Kellie is a wonderful person, a professional who takes pride in her work, she loves what she does and she does it overly well!"

(Eva, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage)

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