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Fertility Massage Therapy Testimonials

“I really noticed a positive change in my periods during a course of four sessions of Fertility Massage.  My periods became lighter, less painful and with reduced clotting.  I learnt how to chart my mucus which has taught me how my body works, how it changes throughout my cycle and the signs it presents to me to let me know that I am ovulating.  With my new found knowledge I have discovered that I only ovulate every other month! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  They taught me to be more relaxed and to give myself a break!  I also enjoyed the Reiki and feel the combination of the massage and Reiki have helped me to relax and have a positive outlook.  My outlook overall has improved, not just in relation to fertility, and I am focused more on being thankful for what I have – my husband and daughter.  My partner has become more positive and we are enjoying time together as a family far more and have both made positive lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

I came to Kellie for Fertility Massage to assist me in conceiving.  I am currently blessed with one daughter who was conceived via IVF.”


“I very much enjoyed the sessions particularly the more I attended as I became more relaxed. I have gained a better knowledge and understanding of how my body works and obtained some good advice on ways to help my condition. 

The main benefit I have experienced in the past few months is in relation to my periods.  They have been considerably lighter since the sessions started, with less clotting and flooding.

I learnt from the mucus tracking that my body tries to ovulate around day 16 but, in fact, succeeds with ovulation around days 22-24.  The mucus charting really helped me to see a pattern in my cycle each month and to know when I should be trying to conceive.

With regards to improvements in ailments I presented with when starting Fertility Massage, I have noticed positive changes in the following areas:

  • Improved bowel movements.

  • A vast improvement in my periods e.g. lighter blood flow, reduced flooding of sanitary wear, no cramping towards the end of my period and a reduction in clotting.

  • A significant reduction in the bloating of the upper abdomen. 

  • Improved sleep and relaxation.

  • Motivation to book appointments regarding fertility and with weight loss


Had someone not recommend Fertility Massage to me, it is not something I would have proactively looked to begin.  It is not something I was aware of but now that I have seen the positive results, especially in my periods, it is something I would recommend to friends with similar problems even if they are not trying to conceive.

I attended Fertility Massage to help me to conceive as I suffer with PCOS.  I have since been blessed with a daughter who was conceived through IVF and egg donation


“So far I have attended four appointments and I have really enjoyed the sessions.  I found them very relaxing and it was great to have some time out to switch off and sleep whilst being massaged.  I have also found it interesting learning about my body and how it works.  I have noticed a positive change in my cycle/periods.

Even though the sessions have not resulted in me conceiving yet, I have found them beneficial as they have helped me to relax and unwind during a very stressful time in my life.

I came to Bump 2 Baby Massage for Fertility Massage to assist me in conceiving.  I have PCOS resulting in irregular periods.  I currently have one daughter who was conceived naturally.”

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