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Women's Health/Womb Massage Testimonials

"I booked an appointment after reading that Bump 2 Baby Massage offered a wide range of services.

I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease and had been in and out of hospitals and consultations with various professionals for some time.

I was apprehensive about attending my first session as I was having quite a severe flare up and this made me very anxious. As soon as I met with Kellie I was put at ease and felt very comfortable with what I should expect. We discussed at length my personal situation and the improvements I hoped for.

Kellie concentrated on the areas that would help my condition. Throughout the massages I felt relaxed, calm, comfortable and I really started to enjoy them.

The changes and improvements I have noticed since I started the massage sessions have been amazing and I would highly recommend anyone with stomach or bowel problems to book an appointment.

I only wish I had known about women’s health massage a long time ago as my quality of life has improved immensely."

(Karen, Women's Health Massage)

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